Frequently Asked Questions

 Here is a list of some of our most frequently asked questions.

Is car parking available?

Yes, we have 80 FREE tenant (based on office size) and visitor car parking spaces available. Further low cost parking permits may be purchased.

What are the terms of the lease?

Our leases run month by month. You do not need to sign up for months or years.

What type of businesses use the premises?

We have a wide range of businesses in our offices. From people who have taken the step from a home office, overseas businesses who need an Auckland office, to businesses looking for a high, professional profile at a low cost.

How many offices do you have in the complex?

We have 77 offices and a community space where you can hold small informal meetings for up to 4 people, including two, noise control meeting booths. Many types of businesses occupy these offices, which means networking is abundant.

How long will it take for my business to be up and running in the complex?

You can normally move in as soon as all paperwork has been completed.

What sized businesses typically use 300 Richmond?

Almost any type or size of business can reduce overheads considerably at 300 RICHMOND, with added benefits such as business network opportunities (with other businesses in the complex) and flexibility that allows office/storage requirements to be altered at short notice.

Typical business centre users are: One to six person businesses; out of town businesses requiring an economical presence in Auckland; businesses requiring a high profile at low cost; overseas businesses setting up an Auckland office; importers; distributors and exporters; traveling businesses needing a central base and those previously working from home.  Our offices are also perfect for Lawyers, Accountants, Human Resources, Technical and Consultants.

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